Cash Discount

Dear Valued Customer: We strive to provide great value to our customers and appreciate each and every one of you very much. We want to continue to serve you with the best quality of food and service. As you know we are a family owned business and do not have the buying power of the chain store operators. Our cost continues to grow and in an effort to keep from raising our prices we will be charging a convenience fee of 3.5% on all orders paid with a credit/debit card starting December 10, 2019. There will be no additional fee on orders paid with cash or gift cards. Many of you may not know that the cost of accepting your credit cards is one of our biggest expenses. We feel this option still provides a choice to our customers to enjoy the same great dishes without a price increase by paying cash and we will still happily provide the convenience of taking credit cards for those who prefer this payment method. This will allow us to retain our current great staff and provide the competitive wages needed to retain them, continue to provide great food prepared with the best ingredients and move forward with the services that you as customers expect and deserve.

Please feel free call and ask our staff any questions or voice concerns that you may have.

Thank You, Pretzel Stop Management